Surreal Watercolor Photographs by Aliza Razell

Watercolor can be a very difficult medium to play around with. You have to be precise, patient, conscience of the colors mixing and all in a timely manner. Rarely do you find watercolor and photographs mixed in the same piece, but we’ve found some surreal watercolor photographs that you have to see.

 Surreal Watercolor Photographs Come to life

Aliza Razell mixes photography and watercolor to create a series called Anesidora or Ikävä. These surreal renderings are gritty and all with a dark undertone. All of her photographs are self-portraits that she later merging the two mediums in Photoshop. Her first series, Anesidora , involves the story of Pandora’s Jar (Pandora’s box was actually a jar, a detail misinterpreted in the 1400s), while the second is inspired by the Finnish word ikävä, meaning the feeling of missing someone or something. [Source]

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Surreal Watercolor Photographs by Aliza Razell
Anesidora VI (and the last)
Surreal Watercolor Photographs by Aliza Razell
Anesidora III
Anesidora V
Surreal Watercolor Photographs by Aliza Razell


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