Brothers Grimm Inspired Fairytale Landscapes By Kilian Schönberger

Kilian Schönberger is a German photographer with a great ability to capture magical environments. He’s created a series of misty fairytale landscapes with an atmosphere pulled right out of the Brothers Grimm. All of these photographs were captured in Middle Europe, where the original stories of Rapunzel, Hansel, Gretel and Snow White were first concieved.

Brothers Grimm Inspired Fairytale Landscapes By Kilian Schönberger brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-10 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-8 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-4 Brothers Grimm Inspired Fairytale Landscapes By Kilian Schönberger brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-7 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-11 Brothers Grimm Inspired Fairytale Landscapes By Kilian Schönberger brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-15 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-9 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-12 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-3 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-16 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-5 brothers-grimm-wanderings-landscape-photography-kilian-schonberger-1
These fairytale landscapes capture the essence of some of our favourite stories. I never knew places like these existed, you can almost envisions the characters being there. Do you know someone who might enjoy the magic of these photographs? Share this post using the buttons below. [via boredpanda]

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