Photos of Thrill Seekers that Will Get Your Adrenaline-Pumping

Every three years Red Bull’s Illume photo contest is held. It’s a contest that honors the photographers who are constantly putting themselves in harm’s way to get breathtaking action sports photographs from the globe’s most remote and underwear-soiling spots.

“A lot of the photographers are going to just as extreme lengths as the athletes,” says Tarquin Cooper, a spokesperson for Red Bull Illume. “They’re putting themselves in positions where you’re like, ‘How can you even think about taking a picture?’”

Are you a thrill seeker? Virtually everyone knows what it’s like to feel really scared: A pounding heartbeat, faster breathing and always the butterflies in the stomach. But whether that fright is caused by watching a nail-biting horror movie, listening to a spine-chilling story, or prowling through a dark-as-night haunted house on Halloween, some people actually thrive on the feeling of being frightened.

Thrill seekers always seem to do everything out of the norm, basically because its boder-lined crazy. But for those moments where you’re dangling in the sky, skiing down a mountain or diving off a cliff it’s all worth it. [via]

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Photo by Stuart Gibson
Ryan Hargrave in Namotu, Fiji


Photo by Claudio Casanova
Snowboarder Philipp Schicker photographed through a 10kg crystal ball in Oberiberg, Switzerland.
Photo by Jaanus Ree
Gard Hvaara at Simple Session, one of Europe’s biggest skateboarding & BMX contests.


Photo by Juan Cruz Rabaglia
An ice cavern underneath Patagonia’s Perito Moreno Glacier.


Photo by David Carlier
Gary Edgeworth goes over Mesa Falls in Targhee National Park in Idaho.


Photo by Sterling Lorence
 Matt Hunter does a 45-foot air to wall ride in Kamloops, BC, Canada.
Photo by Christian Pondella
Tim Emmett climbs Helmcken Falls, located in Wells Grey Provincial Park in British Columbia.


Photo by Elias Kunosson
Fredrik Berggren in Åre, Sweden.


Photo by Ray Demski
Bernd Zangerl during a bouldering trip to the Indian Himalayas.


Photo by Rainer Eder
Austria’s Anna Stöhr climbs at a car dump in Thörishaus, Switzerland.


Photo by Ryan Taylor
Ben Horan carving through a flooded cranberry field in Manitowish Waters, WI.


Photo by Jody MacDonald
 Gavin McClurg flies over the Bazaruto Archipeligo in Mozambique.


Photo by Martin Lugger
Florian Ebner on a highline in the Austrian Dolomites.


Photo by Paul Bride
Hanging ice dagger situated in the middle of a steep rock wall at Ghost River in the Canadian Rockies, AB, Canada.


Photo by Scott Dickerson
Stand up paddle boarders surf the Turnagain Arm bore tide in Alaska.


Photo by Scott Serfas
 John Jackson snowboards in the Tordrillo Mountains in Alaska.


Photo by George Karbus
Kate Hamsikova freedives with a wild bottle nose dolphin off the coast of Ireland.


Photo by Stuart Gibson
Surfer Sean Woolnough off of Namotu Island, Fiji.


Photo by Krystle Wright
BASE jumper Michael Tomchek takes a 400ft leap off Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, UT.


Photo by Rafal Meszka
Freediver Emilia Biala in Dahab, Egypt.


Photo by Dave Lehl
Andy Orley flies off his skateboard while skating down the famous Forest Gump road in Monument Valley, UT.


Photo by Benjamin Ginsberg
Surfer Bobby Okvist airs off the back of a wave in Newport Beach, CA.

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