Shaolin Monks Training: 18 of The Most Incredible Images You’ll Ever See

Training is a regular day-to-day activity for Shaolin Monks . They have a reputation for being strong quick and cunning. They believe that what their bodies can endure is symbolic of the strength of their souls and minds. Shaolin Kung Fu, is believed to be the oldest institutionalized style of kung fu and is one of the most famous martial arts. Shaolin kung fu originated and was developed in the Buddhist Shaolin temple and during the 1500 years of its development, it has become one of the biggest schools of kung fu with abundant contents and various barehanded and weapon styles.

 Shaolin Monks Training by Tomasz Gudzowaty

These incredible images of Shaolin Monks training were taken by photographer, Tomasz Gudzowaty. His main interests are humanistic photography and the classic form of the black and white photo-essay. He began with nature photography and then turned to social documentary and for the last few years he has been focusing on sports photography. His photos have been published in Max Magazine, L’Equipe, The Guardian, Newsweek, Forbes, Time and Photo and he is also the author of several albums. He is a multiple winner of the most important photography contests, among others the World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year, NPPA Best of Photojournalism. [via memolition]

shaolin-monks-training-1 shaolin-monks-training-2  shaolin-monks-training-4 shaolin-monks-training-5 shaolin-monks-training-6 shaolin-monks-training-7 shaolin-monks-training-16shaolin-monks-training-8 shaolin-monks-training-9 shaolin-monks-training-10  shaolin-monks-training-12 shaolin-monks-training-13 shaolin-monks-training-14 shaolin-monks-training-15  shaolin-monks-training-3shaolin-monks-training-11shaolin-monks-training-17 shaolin-monks-training-18
I found these images to truly represent the training that these Monks endure. They are a true testament to how far the human body can be pushed. Tomasz Gudzowaty did a fantastic job in capturing their emotions and strength. Do you think these Monks are amazing? Share this article using the social buttons below.

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