Colorful Creations by Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder is best known for his colorful portraits and his high action intense sports imagery. Tim has a long history and has had the opportunity to be part of creating award winning campaigns (Communications Arts Photo Annuals, Graphis Golds, Kelly Awards, Archive Showcases, Addy’s etc) for global brands like, Adidas, Budwieser, McDonalds, Under Armour, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Gatorade, Powerade, Sears, Craftsman, Mercedes Benz, Bud Light, Microsoft, Sony, Gillette and many more. We’ve featured two of his amazing colorful creations in this article – Explosive Color and Water Wigs. [via timtadder]

Explosive Color

These images were created by using an air canon and colored corn start that blasted dancers with clouds of color. colorful-creations-1 colorful-creations-2 colorful-creations-3 colorful-creations-4 colorful-creations-5 colorful-creations-6

Water Wigs

Tadder experimented with dropping balloons on the heads of models and the results were pretty incredible. Tadder explained a bit about the setup for these images. “They’re shot in complete dark, using powerful strobes to capture the action so sharply. Originally, he triggered the strobes and camera using a laser trigger with a slight delay, so that as the balloon dropped it would cut the path of the laser beam, and hopefully trigger when burst. But when that proved too unreliable, he switched to an audio trigger, snapping the photos with the sound of the balloon popping.”

colorful-creations-7 colorful-creations-8 colorful-creations-9 colorful-creations-10 colorful-creations-14 colorful-creations-15 colorful-creations-16 colorful-creations-17 colorful creations colorful-creations-20 colorful-creations-21 colorful-creations-23 colorful-creations-24 e3579d5ae110777c60d2f8c0ce895924

water-wigs-1 water-wigs-2 colorful creations water-wigs-4 colorful creations water-wigs-6 colorful creations

These colorful creations are a fantastic contribution to the creative world. I really hope this type of photography starts becoming more of a trend. Knowing how they were created makes me love them even more. Did these amazing photos inspire you? Share this article using the buttons below.

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