The Dark Knight Trilogy: 120 Amazing Behind the Scenes images

The Dark Knight Trilogy has become one of my favourite movie series of all time for so many reasons. Besides the fact that Christian Bale has done an incredible job (minus the Batman voice), every character was perfectly cast. Iron Man has full reign as the coolest billionaire super hero, but Batman falls closely behind. Christopher Nolan has done so much for the Batman franchise. He brought new life to the masked hero with the gritty atmosphere he created and the in depth look at Bruce Wayne’s life.

A new perspective on the Dark Knight Trilogy

You come across a lot of cool stuff online and Reddit is a goldmine if you know where to look. Reddit user ‘Join_You_In_The_Sun’ has shared 120 incredible photos that were taken during the making of The Dark Knight Trilogy. They reveal all the special moments that happened off camera, and a better look at the cool stunts they did. [via imgur]

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There was so much time and effort put into making these movies and these 120 images are proof. Are you a fan of the Dark Knight Trilogy? Share these behind the scenes images with the world using the buttons below.

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