Milky PinUps by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Milky PinUps is a series by London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. He takes a few nude models, adds some high-speed photography equipment, splashes a few gallons of milk on top. The project aims at creating a pin up calendar inspired by the popular pinup calendars of the 40’s and 50’s. Only instead of clothing, the models are wearing milk. Milk frozen with high speed strobes.

As an inspiration for Milky PinUps, Jaroslav looked at illustrations done for pinup calendars by Gil Elvgren,Alberto VargasGreg Hildebrandt and more which were featured on Brown & Bigelowcalendars. All the images in this series were created using no illustration, no CGI, and no Photoshop. Just layered, incredibly well-timed images taken by Jaroslav himself.

Wieczorkiewicz will release a 2014 Milky PinUps calendar filled with these shots sometime in November. In the meantime, he was kind enough to let us feature the following images. You can find more information about Wieczorkiewicz, his technique, and the calendar on his websiteblogFacebook, and Twitter.












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Written by Adrian Martinez

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