Love For Sale: Signs That Make Fun of Valentine’s Day

Annica Lydenberg is a designer based in New York. She has created some hand-lettered Valentine’s Day signs that comment on the commercial nature of the warm and cuddly holiday.

Lydenberg runs the small, Brooklyn-based design firm Dirty Bandits. It specializing in typography, lettering and illustration. Work done by Dirty Bandits is fueled by Annica’s deep obsession with type. As a graphic designer she has been paying close attention to typography for many years and focusing on treating letters and words as art. Annica has been known to be a doodler, do-gooder, design addict, downward dogger, designated drawer, and a dirty bandit.

Is Love For Sale?

The “Love for Sale” series was inspired by vintage store sign windows painting. Annica says, “For those of us who are single, these signs comprises a sales pitch highlighting well-honed skill sets, and the promise of romance with a witty edge. For those who are in a relationship these signs will keep the spirit alive.” [Source]

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Annica Lydenberg
Now Serving Hot Lovin’
Love For Sale3
Full Service – All Day and All Night
Annica Lydenberg
Wanted: Hand to Hold
Love For Sale5
Kisses: $1.00 all night
Love For Sale6
Single: Limited Time Only
Annica Lydenberg
My Love: Lease With Option to Own
Love For Sale8
Make Outs: Free
Love For Sale9
Special: 1/2 My Bed For Rent
Love For Sale10
Your Clothing: 100% Off
Love For Sale11
Cheap Dirty Talk

Love for Sale – sign painting by Dirty Bandits from Dirty Bandits on Vimeo.

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