Long-Exposure Pictures of Christmas Trees While Zooming Out

Christmas trees are far from boring. When you take into consideration all the kinds of trees you can get for Christmas it can surely be a fun yearly project. Once you have your christmas tree up, what do you normally do with it? Stare at it? I say nay.. why not take some crazy cool long-exposure pictures of your Christmas tree while zooming out. The end product can only be described as absolutely amazing. Some of these long-exposure images almost make the Christmas tree look like it’s travelling through light speed, If you’ve ever watched Star Trek you’ll know what I mean. [Source]

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Long Exposure + Zoom Out




Spinning Tree + Long Exposure


Same Spinning Tree + Long Exposure + Zoom Out


Spinning Christmas Lights + Long Exposure



Long Exposure + Zoom Out + Camera Spin


This technique also works with Keyboards



Here are some tips for taking Long-Exposure Pictures:


1. Use a tripod, or stabilize your camera on a flat surface.

2. Set your ISO setting as low as it will go.

3. Set your aperture to F10/F11.

4. Set your exposure time to 2 or more seconds. Then, when you snap the long-exposure photograph, zoom your lens out to stretch out the lights you see.

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