Like Video Games? Here’s The Visual History of Video Game Controllers

Javier Laspiur is an Art Director from Madrid, Spain. He began drawing when he was 3 years old and ended up as a senior Art Director at TBWA / Tequila Spain and has been creating campaigns there since 2006.

He has created this fun photographic series depicting the history of video game controllers titled CONTROLLERSThe photo series shows the evolution of controllers beginning in 1983. The idea is fairly simple, there is a picture of the controllers in the foreground with its console or games in the background. They’re all framed by a grey border with the manufacturer’s logo underneath it.

CONTROLLERS really brings me back to my youth. I was an avid gamer with a huge collection of systems and games. Seeing these images is a fantastic way of feeling old, but I absolutely love the nostalgia involved with these video game controllers. Enjoy the 20 years worth of gaming history that Javier has put together! You can see more of Javier’s work on his personal website. [via Behance]

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History of Video Game Controllers


History of Video Game Controllers


History of Video Game Controllers







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Written by Adrian Martinez

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