Bored at Work? This Guy Creates Miniature Sets at His Creative Agency

Have you ever been bored at Work? Of course we all have, but Derrick Lin has taken it upon himself to eradicate the boredom that he encounters at his creative agency. This excellent series transforms the moments Derrick is bored into amazing and funny miniature scenes, using small characters that play with office equipment.

Bored at Work? Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-2 Bored at Work? Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-11 Bored at Work? Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-21 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-19 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-7 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-23 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-5 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-18 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-15 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-16 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-4 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-20 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-9 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-3 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-6 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-1 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-8 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-22 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-13 Miniature-Office-Derrick-Lin-14
Boredom never looked so fun. Follow Derrick on his Instagram account to check out more of his great creations. Did you enjoy these miniature scenes? Share this post using the buttons below. [via Instagram]

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Written by Adrian Martinez

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