The Most Beautiful And Magical Portraits of Children You’ll Ever See by Lisa Holloway

Lisa Holloway is an internationally published award winning photographer. She creates touching beautiful portraits, specializing in custom newborns, children, families, and high school students.  As a mother of 10 children, Lisa first started becoming interested in photography to document the lives of her children.

Lisa prides herself in her ability to capture the true essence and spirit of those she photographs. With a keen eye for detail, Lisa uses colors and textures within nature to produce magical photographs of all her subjects. [via ljhollowayphotography]

Beautiful Portraits Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-LJHolloway-Photography-Children00142 Beautiful Portraits children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-23 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-26 Arizona-Mother-of-10-Takes-Magical-Portraits-of-Children-Outdoors-That-Will-Leave-You-Breathles4__880 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-16 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-14 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-25 Arizona-Mother-of-10-Takes-Magical-Portraits-of-Children-Outdoors-That-Will-Leave-You-Breathles5__880Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-LJHolloway-Photography-Children00771 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-17 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-13 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-24 Arizona-Mother-of-10-Takes-Magical-Portraits-of-Children-Outdoors-That-Will-Leave-You-Breathles1__880 Arizona-Mother-of-10-Takes-Magical-Portraits-of-Children-Outdoors-That-Will-Leave-You-Breathles2__880 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-LJHolloway-Photography-Children0008

These beautiful portraits are proof that talent can emerge from any situation. This mother of 10 initially started playing with a camera to capture her beautiful children as they grew up. She is now an award winning photographer. Do you know someone with a passion for photography? Share this post with them using the buttons below to give them an extra kick of inspiration.

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