First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life in 60 Seconds

Honeybees are superorganisms, but are endangered. In a super interesting timelapse photographer Arnand Varma show the first 21 days of a Bee in just 60 seconds. It also reveals the biggest threat the bee is facing, a mite that preys on the baby bee’s.

Varma’s timelapse is part of a recent TED Talk, and a project comissioned by National Geographic.

According to National Geographic:

“Honeybees are hive minds. Honeybees are linguistic networks: One of the few nonhuman animals to communicate symbolically, they dance to explain the location of food to their fellows. Bee people use such metaphors but admit they don’t quite capture these complex, fascinating creatures and their ultra-organized communities. With a population of up to 80,000, a beehive is like a small human city.”

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Written by Adrian Martinez

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