Your Favourite Superheroes Are Now Sponsored by…

“Sponsored Heroes” is a fun series which mashes up super heroes and all our favourite brands. Roberto Vergati Santos is the mastermind behind all of these sponsorships. Considering the rise in super hero movies, I wouldn’t be surprised that at some point we see our favourite superheroes sponsored by corporate brands. Billionaires like Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be interested in selling out. What about the less wealthy, like The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine or Captain America? This is a pretty accurate ides of what these “Sponsored Heroes” may look like. [via Behance]

Sponsored Heroes by Roberto Vergati Santos

“Imagine if one day capitalism reaches the point, where the big brands starts to sponsor the superheroes. How would this influence their images? Based on this hypothesis, I decided to experiment with some characters, and see what would be the results of such idea.”

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One day these “Sponsored Heroes” may turn into reality, but for now these superheroes are all self funded. Do you know anyone that loves superheroes and has a passion for advertising? Share this fun series with them using the buttons below.

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