Funny Condoms That Spread The Word of Safety First!

Funny condoms really do get the point across in an entertaining way. This topic is always advertised in a serious manner, so I was delighted to see these chomical integrations of nostalgic characters from our youth and packaging for condoms. Featured in this series are video games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and superheroes like Batman and Superman. These funny condoms are fantastic but I’m pretty sure that if these were in market there would be a jump in teens/pre-teens that were sexually active.

Funny Condoms brought to you by kode

Kode, better known as #Bosslogic is a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. He first started drawing when he was 6 years old and later transfered his skills to a digital platform. Kode Has his own unique style that is both very current and colourful. He love’s doing collaborations with other talented people to learn their take on design and create superior work.  [Source]

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Her satisfaction – Level is over 9000
Maximum protection – So you can FINISH HER!
For max protection – $3.95 for the PROtex DLC
Protection in the night – Prepped for her pleasure
Guaranteed to – Catch’em All
Catch her – By surprise


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Written by Adrian Martinez

I'm an Art Director based in Toronto, Canada with over 10 years of industry experience. This is both my design blog and my digital playground. Head on over to  to view my work or connect with me on Linkedin. 

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