Vintage Star Wars Photographs You have to See (1976 to 1983)

It’s been over 30 years since the original Star Wars trilogy was released. Since then we’ve seen three new Star Wars movies and an all new cast of characters, some loved and some hated. These Vintage Star Wars photos from around the set show a deep look at the friendship the original cast shared.

Vintage Star Wars Vintage-Star-Wars-2 Vintage Star Wars Vintage-Star-Wars-4 Vintage-Star-Wars-5 Vintage-Star-Wars-6 Vintage Star Wars Vintage-Star-Wars-8 Vintage-Star-Wars-9 Vintage-Star-Wars-10 Vintage-Star-Wars-11 Vintage-Star-Wars-12 Vintage-Star-Wars-13 Vintage-Star-Wars-14 Vintage-Star-Wars-15 Vintage-Star-Wars-16 Vintage-Star-Wars-17 Vintage-Star-Wars-18 Vintage-Star-Wars-19 Vintage-Star-Wars-20 Vintage-Star-Wars-21 Vintage-Star-Wars-22 Vintage-Star-Wars-23 Vintage-Star-Wars-24 Vintage-Star-Wars-25 Vintage-Star-Wars-26 Vintage-Star-Wars-27 Vintage-Star-Wars-28 Vintage-Star-Wars-29 Vintage-Star-Wars-30 Vintage-Star-Wars-31 Vintage-Star-Wars-32 Vintage-Star-Wars-33 Vintage-Star-Wars-34 Vintage-Star-Wars-35 Vintage-Star-Wars-36 Vintage-Star-Wars-37 Vintage-Star-Wars-38 Vintage-Star-Wars-39
The original Star Wars trilogy was arguably the most popular movies of all time and these vintage Star Wars photos really show why the movies were as successful as they were. Do you know any hard core Star Wars fans? Share this post with them using the buttons below.  [via Sith Academy]

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Written by Adrian Martinez

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