Mind Bending Street Art GIFs by A.L. Crego

I can always appreciate street art but when I came across these animates street art GIFs I couldn’t help get sucked right into them. These street art murals have been brought to life by Spanish photographer and motion designer, A. L. Crego. Crego has a very specific technique. He selects small elements of photographs and animates them, primarily eyes. It gets kind of creepy because they give the impression that the images are watching the people passing by.

Creating More Than Just Street Art GIFs

Besides his street art GIFs, Crego also takes cityscapes and gives them his special touch. His animated GIF’s will definitely impress and possibly shock you. They have an incredible sense of depth, detail and fluid motion. Check out his tumblr account for more of his awesome creations.

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Street Art GIFs
Street Art GIFs
alcrego-thinkStreet art is fun, interesting and most of all, inspiring. It’s great to see that someone is taking the time to make something cool even cooler. Do you know anyone that loves street art? Share this with your friends and networks using the buttons below.

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