Situational Street Art by DMS

Situational street art is by far my favourite kind of street art. The famous Brazilian artist Davi De Melo Santos aka DMS prefers to integrate his art into the surrounding streets by fitting  it into the existing urban street landscapes. He began his story with graffiti in 1998 in his hometown of Belo Horizonte. Recently he has carried out works for major brands such as Adidas, Greenpeace, WWF, Fiat, Red Bull, within large enterprises. He has also worked as an illustrator and designer for magazines, creating CD covers, book illustrations and prints for haute couture collections. Go get lost in his situational street art and have a peak at his paintingsmurals, and this fun series of faces.

What is Situational Street art?

There’s an abundance of street art everywhere on earth but the best in my opinion are the pieces that incorporate surrounding elements into them. For example pulling in like shapes, textures and objects into the overall theme or story of the piece. [Source]

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Street Art by DMS1
Mischievous kitty
Pile of eyes
Situational Street Art by DMS3
Looks like this one’s located in Jersey Shore
Just chillin with friends
 Art by DMS5
Rainbow madness street art
Frogs playing on rocks
street art
Having a smoke
Art by DMS8
Purple sea dwelling
wall art
Fair warning
All you need is a pop of colour
street art
Down to the core


Situational Street Art by DMS11
Over the wall
Situational Street Art by DMS12
Modern religion
Situational Street Art by DMS13
Abstract mermaid
Situational Street Art by DMS14
Magical cave
Fish art
Under the sea
road art
Situational Street Art by DMS19
I see you
Situational Street Art by DMS20
Just a cluster of rabbits
Situational Street Art by DMS16
More rabbits
wall art
In the dark
Situational Street Art by DMS22
Abstract forest
Situational Street Art by DMS23
Wondering through the forest
Art by DMS24
Mermaid under the bridge

Situational Street Art by DMS25

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