I Can’t Believe What This Zombie Sketch Ended up Turning Into

Morphsuits are the coolest and latest costumes. They are basically branded spandex costumes that stretch over your entire body. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and offers over 80 amazing designs. The company was founded by brothers Ali and Fraser Smeaton, and their flatmate Gregor Lawson.

Morphsuits by Kyle Langlois

Even though Halloween has come and gone I couldn’t help it share these amazing Morphsuit creations designed by Kyle Langlois. Art and design always needs proper planning and focus for the end goal and these amazing preliminary sketches truly display that. Kyle has been in the art world for over a decade and is a master with an air-brush. He has an amazing eye for detail and always pushes the limits with the contrast he creates from his shadow and lighting techniques. His unique visions blend hyperrealism with a surreal sci-fi tone. Head on over to his Facebook page and check out all the other amazing projects he’s been working on.


kyle-langlois-18 kyle-langlois-10 kyle-langlois-morphsuit-3

Scary Clown

kyle-langlois-2 kyle-langlois-morphsuit-7 kyle-langlois-morphsuit-12


kyle-langlois-1 kyle-langlois-morphsuit-13 kyle-langlois-morphsuit-4


kyle-langlois-9 kyle-langlois-morphsuit-15kyle-langlois-8


kyle-langlois-morphsuit-11 kyle-langlois-morphsuit-16

Kyle Langlois Morphsuit Collection


You never know when you may have to lay down some terror. These costumes will definitely help you put some fright into any occasion. Are you a fan of the amazing suits that Kyle created? Share this post using the social buttons below.

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Written by Adrian Martinez

I'm an Art Director based in Toronto, Canada with over 10 years of industry experience. This is both my design blog and my digital playground. Head on over to HireAdrian.com  to view my work or connect with me on Linkedin. 

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