Group Tattoos That You Won’t Believe

Group tattoos are rare but when you do come across one you can’t help feel impressed by the commitment and love people can have for one another. Group tattoos are for people that think alike or share the same opinions. Some get group tattoos to show that they are best buddies or to express love.

Getting a tattoo is a statement that you believe in what it’s written or exposed there, so that’s why there are many types of tattoos. If in the past a tattoo represented a rebellious shout to society, today we can see funny examples that don’t necessarily make the owner a thug or something similar.

Whatever the reason people get group tattoos one thing is for sure, they’re noticeable and they’re completely awesome. This collection of inked bodies contains some large, intricate and quite complex art. Who would you consider getting a group tattoo with? [visualnews]

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Written by Adrian Martinez

I'm an Art Director based in Toronto, Canada with over 10 years of industry experience. This is both my design blog and my digital playground. Head on over to  to view my work or connect with me on Linkedin. 

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