13 Fantastic Millennium Falcon Tattoos

It may not be new but it sure is fast, when it works that is. No doubt the most revered flying bucket of bolts in the hearts and minds of Star Wars followers around the globe. The Millennium Falcon has become an iconic symbol of a franchise that spans generations and continues to dazzle new fanboys on a daily basis.

It’s no surprise that the Millennium Falcon has become a popular tattoo design among Star Wars geeks far and wide. It’s Han Solo’s whip after all. The ultimate good guy vehicle from the galaxy far far away.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most epic Millennium Falcon inspired tribute tattoos.

This creative Rebel Alliance diamond design

13 Fantastic Millennium Falcon Tattoos

Someone put in a lot of time designing this creative work of art. And it paid off BIG TIME!

This shoulder piece


This looks like the beginning of a beautiful sleeve. I wonder if he kept going?

This colorful galaxy


The fantastic array of colors really makes the grey ship stand out.

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This Millennium Falcon in a bottle

13 Fantastic Millennium Falcon Tattoos

Not sure if there is some other meaning behind this design or if it was just someone being creative, but it’s an excellent stylized representation of the Falcon battling it out with some tiny TIE fighters.

This belly tattoo


Very realistic. It almost looks like the ship is going to fly right past you.

This Death Star escape


It feels like you’re reading a comic book when you look at this piece.

These Millennium Falcon couples tattoos


And the award for the most uncheesy couples tattoos goes to…….these two!

This floral touch


This set of blueprints

13 Fantastic Millennium Falcon Tattoos

This Death Star flyby


This gigantic leg piece


The location of the tattoo and the way it’s drawn leads me to suspect that this might possibly be a self inflicted tattoo.

“Never Tell Me The Odds”


Full battle scene including TIE fighters and a few asteroids.

Comical “Fastest Hunk Of Junk In The Galaxy” tattoo


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