Mr. Milk: Branding Project by Justin Ross Tolentino

Mr. Milk is a branding project created by San Francisco based graphic designer, Justin Ross Tolentino. He has a knack for making logos, websites and… doodles. Mr. Milk was created as a school branding project that has got him quite the notoriety. As you can see, the design is clean and very relevant to the theme. What got me was the presentation. Justin has taken every aspect of the Mr. Milk collateral and made it work beautifully together. Here’s a few words from Justin on the creation and execution of this amazing project:

Mr. Milk This was a project I made in school. The assignment was to create an identity for a job of yesteryear. I decided to base my project on a milkman I called Mr. Milk. My personal goal for the project was to create a timeless logo that could have easily been used in the 1950s as it could today. To merge the past and the present I paired the classic milk bottle silhouette with a clean sans serif. To give it some pop and contrast I decided to use cyan blue because I usually drink 2% milk. However, this color could easily be interchanged to reflect the different varieties of milk, e.g. red for whole milk, yellow for low fat, and brown for chocolate.

Mr. Milk: Branding Project by Justin Ross Tolentino mr-milk-branding-2 Mr. Milk: Branding Project by Justin Ross Tolentino mr-milk-branding-4 mr-milk-branding-5 mr-milk-branding-6 Mr. Milk: Branding Project by Justin Ross Tolentino mr-milk-branding-8 mr-milk-branding-9 mr-milk-branding-10 Mr. Milk: Branding Project by Justin Ross Tolentino
Just because a design is simple, doesn’t mean is has to be plain. Mr. Milk is the perfect example of a well thought out creative design piece. Do you know someone who may enjoy this article? Share it using the buttons below. [via Behance]

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