How to Start a Blog [Infographic]

Starting a blog can be less difficult than you may think. When I started this blog, I knew absolutely nothing about blogs or social media.  Blogging can be the best outlet for expressing your thoughts and meeting like minded people that share your same interests. Creating a blog is extremely easy and luckily it does not require any coding skills (HTML).

Wondering how to start a blog?

As the infographic outlines below, these are some simple tips that can guide you through the whole process of starting a blog: (1) Select a name for your blog. (2) Choose what Content Management System to build your blog on (the most common ones are WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr). (3) Blog about something you care about. (4) Be original when creating your posts. (5) Speak from the heart and let your personality shine through. (6) Build your community: connect all your social networks, guest blog on other blogs similar to yours,  follow other blogs similar to yours, reply to all comments. (7) Have fun! [Source]

P.S. If you need help setting up your blog, get in touch with me and I’ll help you out. : )

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How to Start a Blog [Infographic]

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Written by Adrian Martinez

I'm an Art Director based in Toronto, Canada with over 10 years of industry experience. This is both my design blog and my digital playground. Head on over to  to view my work or connect with me on Linkedin. 

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