Infographic: How Big Brand Logos Lure Consumers

Brand logos should make an impact. Whatever the product or service, it should be clear and concise to the viewer. Brand logos can have the power to hook and create a lasting connection with the consumer especially with noticable elements like color, shape, text and typeface.

The color breakdown of big brand logos

This infographic shows you a breakdown of the different emotional responses evoked by colors. It explains how the color red is associated with intensity and evokes feelings of passion, aggressiveness, and being emotional. The color green is associated with harmony and nature and gives you a sense of calmness, trust and hope. Each colour is perfectly outlined in the infographic below, have a look at the big brand logos that are connected with colors like blue, purple, yellow, green, orange, black, pink, and brown. [via financesonline]



This infographic is a fantastic resource that shows how big businesses use colors to build an emotional tie with consumers. Brand logos have to use the right color choice to make a logo effective. Do you know someone that is interested in advertising and branding? Share this with your networks using the buttons below.

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Written by Adrian Martinez

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