20 Funny 404 Error Pages You have to See

404 error pages can be found on every website. “404 Not Found” pages are generated when a user attempts to follow a broken or dead link, making the 404 error the most recognizable error users can find on the web. 404 error pages can seem like a company’s worst nightmare, but it can be a blessing in disguise. By having a customer land on a 404 error page you can direct traffic to your social accounts, customer service, or connect them to content they may not have found otherwise.

 Why have Funny 404 Error Pages?

Companies are starting to realize that 404 error pages can be something other than a source of frustration for users. It can be a clever way to connect with visitors and a creative design opportunity. There are hundreds of unique and funny 404 error pages that give misdirected visitors a special experience. Here’s a collection of the most creative and funny 404 error pages on the internet. I hope this helps you discover how a carefully crafted error page can actually help your business. [Source]

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eightbitdotme - 20 Funny 404 Error Pages You have to See
eightbit.me 404 error page
frogsthemes.com error page
bedmapdotcom-20 Funny 404 Error Pages You have to See
bedmap.com 404 error page
brizabueno.com 404 error page
abduzeedo-v2dotcom-20 Funny 404 Error Pages You have to See
abduzeedo.com 404 error page
scapromotions.com 404 error page
BrowserMedia.com 404 error page
ateliercompote.fr 404 error page
focuslabllc.com 404 error page
onsydney.com.au 404 error page
smorecreative.com 404 error page
pixelbleeders.com 404 error page
lego.com 404 error page
suchowskimedia.com 404 error page
espnza.com error page
klout.com 404 error page
videotron.com 404 error page
sushifreak.me 404 error page
allmusic.com 404 error page


parkplacetexas.com 404 error page

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