Creative Stationary Designs That Gives Gruesome a Whole New Meaning

Jacques Pense has created this set of creative stationary designs that truly make a statement. Jacques designed this “Stationery of Horror” series for the horror channel in Germany, 13th Street. The artwork featured on these creative stationary designs show the morbidly altered profiles of the network executives. It’s hard to believe that network execs willfully wanted to be tortured in these interactive designs.. lol.

Stationary Designs Worthy of an award

Just by looking at these designs you can see how much thought and effort was put into creating these horrific stationary pieces. Jacques won a slew of awards for this series including; New York Festivals – Silver,  ADC Germany – Bronze, ADC Europe – Finalist, D&AD – In Book. If you’re slightly squeemish, you should probably look away now. For the rest of you, Enjoy! [Source]

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I love this amazing letterhead. Features staples going through peoples eyes and binder rings skewering peoples heads.
I would love to see peoples reactions when they receive these.
Ouch! this envelope completely rips off this zombie’s skin and eyes.

This postcard rips the eye right out of his socket as you open it. My personal favourite, the saw cd that rips open the head of the zombie as it’s pulled out.

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