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  • ThumbnailHalloween is my personal favourite holiday. It’s that time of year when you can play make believe and create some pretty cool stuff. Making a halloween costume that is funny, clever and amazing is always a must, […]

  • The principles of design are the foundation for all visual works of art that have been tested throughout the ages. The principles of design are concepts used to organize and arrange all structural elements. It’s the intimate understanding of the relationship between different objects.
    The Principles of Design by Efil Türk
    This series of posters were created by the Turkish graphic designer, Efil Türk. She covers all of the 10 design principles that are at the core of any designer’s success.
    1. Balance
    “Balance as a design principle, places the parts of a visual in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.”

    Principles of Design
    2. Hierarchy
    “Visual hierarchy is the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. This order is created by the visual contrast between forms in a field of perception.”

    Principles of Design
    3. Pattern
    “Pattern uses the art elements in planned or random repetition to enhance surfaces or paintings.”

    4. Rhythm
    “Rhythm is the repetition of visual movement of the elements-colors, shapes, values, forms, spaces, texture.”

    Principles of Design
    5. Space
    “Space is an empty place or surface in or around a work of art. Space can be two-dimensional, three-dimensional, negative and/or positive.”

    6. Proportion
    “Proportion refers to the relative size and scale of the various elements in a design. The issue is the relationship between objects, or parts, of a whole.”

    7. Emphasis
    “It creates a focal point in a design; it is how we bring attention to what is most important.”

    8. Movement
    “The way the artist leads the eye in, around, and through a composition. Movement in a visual image occurs when objects seem to be moving in a visual image.”

    9. Contrast
    “The combination of different elements of design to highlight their differences and/or create balance.”

    10. Unity
    “Unity means the harmony of the whole composition. The parts of a composition made to work together as a total visual theme.”


    The principles of design are the basic requirements that every designer should know. Did you find this post useful or interesting? Share this post with you your networks using the buttons below.

  • ThumbnailThese fantastic illustrations are the creations of Marija Tiurina, an illustrator from the United Kingdom. Tiurina has envisioned the 7 deadly cat sins that every cat owner knows so well. She has a dark grungy […]

  • These creative window displays are meant to engage and entertain. It’s a balance of art, fashion, design and strategy. Within the past decade the lines of window displays have been blurred and they have started looking more like well thought out art installations or even scenes from a movie.

    When it comes to window displays there are a lot of factors to consider. keep in mind that these displays will ultimately engage customers and hopefully lure them into your shop. lighting is surprisingly a strong factor in the purchasing decisions of customers. A brightly lit store that uses focal points on key pieces or displays are more inviting. The choice of music in store is extremely important. The song choices must appeal to the target audience and popular songs make the customer feel like they belong with the brand.
    [line]1. “Neutral Territory” Window Display
    These window displays are the creations of the Visual Merchandising students form the School of Fashion. They created six windows displays based on an editorial called “Neutral Territory”. As an added touch the editorial pages were blown up and hung in the windows.

    via fashionschooldaily

    via fashionschooldaily

    via fashionschooldaily

    [line]2. Christmas Window Display at Barneys
    This window display was featured at Barneys, New York. The mannequin’s dress is made entirely from foil coffee bags and disposable cups. The mannequin’s headpiece was also crafted from an Illy espresso machine.

    via picstash

    [line]3. GAP Window Display
    GAP has a history of having fun but elegant displays, eye catching but not too over the top. This store front features a paper rainbow that spans both windows.

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    [line]4. Gymnastic Live Window Display
    This incredible display includes live performers at John Lewis with the GSOS Gymnasts, including Olympic Gymnast Steve Frew.

    via thebwd

    [line]5. Nike Kinect Interactive Window Display
    These eye catching Nike window displays are the works of the Dutch creative agency, Staat. Each window display is very unique sand all very different. With the help of Microsoft’s Kinect, They all interact with the people passing by in different ways.

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    [line]6. Just Dogs bakery window display
    Just Dogs Gourmet bakery has created a fantastic window display. With a the help of a dog catching some big waves, the atmosphere created is a fun and wacky good time worthy of taking a second look.

    via toaireisdivine

    via toaireisdivine

    [line]7. The Harrods Christmas Express Display
    Harrods Christmas window displays is a good balance of luxury and wealth. The storefront has been transformed into a steam train carrying festive gifts and passengers.

    via thewindowdisplayblog

    via thewindowdisplayblog

    via thewindowdisplayblog

    via thewindowdisplayblog

    via thewindowdisplayblog

    [line]8. The Great Gatsby Window Display
    Harrods created a window display that is tribute to the movie “The Great Gatsby”. Here you can see the entertainment and glamorous lives of the Roaring Twenties.

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    via thebwd

    [line]9. Louis Vuitton Window Display
    Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Daniel Buren continues with these creative conceptual designs for the windows of key stores worldwide. Fashion forward and extremely fun and engaging.

    via jrcreativeink

    via ilvoelv

    [line]10. SELFRIDGES & CO Window Display
    Very simple but well thought out. A minimal use of colours while still maintaining an elegant and refined pallet. Sometimes less is more and this the perfect example.

    via jocheung

    [line]11. Water, fire, and earth Window Display
    The Interior Decorating and Visual Display program’s colorful window display featuring design sculptures that are mounted on bust forms. The criteria was “nature” so water, fire, and earth was the perfect subject matter.

    via nfsb

    via nfsb

    via nfsb

    via nfsb

    [line]12. Ted’s Stocking Thriller Window Display
    A controversial window display at the Ashford Designer Outlet. The Christmas display at the Ted Baker store, hailed as ‘Ted’s stocking thriller’, shows Santa’s red suit being blown up by the wind to show him wearing stockings and suspenders.

    via leahpatel

    It’s always fun to see what creative ideas people come up with to sell merchandise. These store fronts are some of the best examples that we’ve found of creative window displays that “work”. Share these incredible window displays ideas with your fashion forward friends or networks using the buttons below.


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