Super Cool Wooden LEGO Pop Culture Characters

These Wooden LEGO pop culture characters are a series by Italian artist Claudio Bellosta. When you first look at this series it seems that the figures are carved in wood. They all have depth created by colors, reflections and textures and each of these characters look like real wooden LEGO pieces. These wooden LEGO characters are in fact the product of some digital magic. Claudio is a magician of 3D design and these pieces are part of his online portfolio. I can only imagine the extent of his abilities considering these fooled me at first glance. Truly a job well done!

“As a kid I always liked Ironman, so I decided to do a couple of designs in 3D and then the other characters came alone,” Claudio commented on his site.

As a huge superhero fan I would love to have a few of these wooden LEGO pop culture characters for my collection, well if they actually existed… lol. What would be even better is if these designer toys were coffee table sized and you could use then as conversation pieces in your yuppie loft. [Source]

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Super Cool Wooden LEGO Pop Culture Characters

Super Cool Wooden LEGO Pop Culture Characters

IronMan 2



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