A Wax Museum Filled Full of Hyperrealistic Wax Sculptures of Movie Characters

If you’ve ever been in a wax museum you can imagine how creeped out I was when I stumbled on these wax sculptures. Even though they look incredible and have a striking resemblance to the celebrities they’re modelled after, they’re too much like giant dolls that are waiting to come to life. They’re extremely detailed and precise, the realism is absolutely astounding. They have Individual hairs, their eyes are wet and focused, and you can practically see them breath. Luck for you, if they were ever to come alive, they are only 1/6th scale.

Bobby Causey’s wax museum

Bobby Causey creates latex sculptures of Hollywood stars. If you were ever to walk into his wax museum, you would see Jack Nicholson’s very realistic bust wielding an axe, Heath Ledger’s Joker giving you a freaky stare, The cover of Fight Club coming to life in front of your eyes and Hellboy casually smoking a cigar. Bobby Causey also creates movie vehicle replicas with just as much detail and precision. When talking about his work he says, “I can only tell you I love what I do. I have had all sorts of different jobs, and sculpture as been the most rewarding and fulfilling.”

Check out more of his wild sculptures on his official website. Bobby Causey also shares his thoughts about creating his wax sculptures: “I have unorthodox techniques I use on every piece. I just know what needs to be done and I do it. What I can say for sure is, I would start with NSP [non sulfurated Plasteline] Medium Clay, a shit-load of photo reference, and a desire to sculpt the person you are going to be sculpting.” [Source]

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A Wax Museum Filled Full of Hyperrealistic Wax Sculptures of Movie Characters
An incredible bust of Tyler Durden
A Wax Museum Filled Full of Hyperrealistic Wax Sculptures of Movie Characters
Hellboy fully equipped with his flaming stogy.
A Navi with an incredible gaze from Avatar.
wax-sculptor-A Wax Museum
Superman’s trademarked curl never looked better.
Batman with and without his night viewers.
Incredibly detailed closeup of the Joker with a dangerously looking pencil.
The Joker towering over a half sized Batman.
Jack Nicholson from the Shinig wielding a slick looking axe.
Jack Nicholson in an incredible intense pose. Look at those teeth!


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