Watermelon Carving Examples For Those Ready For a New Summer Challenge

I never even thought of carving a watermelon, carving pumpkins just seemed to make more sense to me. Looking for a summer challenge? Carving a watermelon may be the activity for you. It takes as much patience and skill as carving a pumpkin but you have the added plus of using the fleshy red centre as part of your creation. Unlike carving a pumpkins, after you’re done carving your watermelon, you can eat it!

Watermelon Carving ideas

Carving a watermelon may seem like a challenge but once you get a good idea of what you want to create it becomes far more simple. This can be a fun and easy medium to work with so don’t be shy with using every piece of the watermelon in your creation. Be sure to use the fleshy red center, it’s super easy to sculpt and you can push your design to the next level with it.  Have a look at these 30 great watermelon carving examples and have fun creating this summer!

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Watermelon Carving  Watermelon-Carvings-2  Watermelon-Carvings-3  Watermelon-Carvings-4  Watermelon-Carvings-5  Watermelon-Carvings-6  Watermelon-Carving  Watermelon-Carving  Watermelon-Carvings-9  Watermelon-Carvings-10  Watermelon-Carving  Watermelon-Carvings-12  Watermelon-Carvings-13  Watermelon-Carvings-14  Watermelon-Carvings-15  Watermelon-Carvings-16  Watermelon-Carvings-17  Watermelon-Carvings-18  Watermelon-Carvings-19  Watermelon-Carvings-20  Watermelon-Carvings-21  Watermelon-Carvings-22  Watermelon-Carvings-23  Watermelon-Carvings-24  Watermelon-Carvings-25  Watermelon-Carvings-26  Watermelon-Carvings-27  Watermelon-Carvings-28 Watermelon-Carvings-29  Watermelon-Carvings-30

Watermelon-Pineapple-Dragon-Carving-2 Watermelon-Pineapple-Dragon-Carving-1

These Incredible watermelon carvings were originally seen on Break.

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