This Looked Like a Regular Portrait Until I Looked a Little Deeper

Charis Tsevis is visual designer based in Athens, Greece. He studied design and advertising in Milan and Athens and he now teaches Typography and Editorial Design at AKTO College. He specializes in mosaic style art and has an eye for patterns. He serves global clients including Toyota, IKEA, Best Buys, TIME, Fortune, WIRED, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and many more.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mosaic Tribute by Charis Tsevis

Chris created this intricate series of mosaic illustrations based on the great tradition of Azulejo. His subject in this series is one of his favourite soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo. This is what he had to say about this series:

“As a person who is studying mosaics for several decades I have spent a lot of time with Azulejo and for long time I wanted to experiment with some artworks that would mix digital art with this great tradition. I have chosen Cristiano Ronaldo as the main figure for these studies. Cristiano is probably the biggest popular hero of contemporary Portugal and one of my favorite athletes. This guys is not just an incredible soccer player. He’s is much more than this. He’s an artist, a show man, a working class hero, a role model, a hard working entrepreneur… Hope you find this work interesting.”

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It’s impressive the amount of detail and planning that went into these beautiful mosaics. Do you know someone who loves mosaics, or maybe a deep passion for Cristiano Ronaldo. Share this article using the buttons below. [via tsevis]

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Written by Adrian Martinez

I'm an Art Director based in Toronto, Canada with over 10 years of industry experience. This is both my design blog and my digital playground. Head on over to  to view my work or connect with me on Linkedin. 


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