Miniature Pencil Carvings by Salavat Fidai

Salavat Fidai has gained huge recognition for his amazing miniature sculptures that he meticulously carves into the tips of pencils. To create each one of his miniature masterpieces, Salavat uses a desk lamp, a craft knife and magnifying glass. Once his miniature pencil carvings are completed, he photographs them with a macro lens and then posts them on his Instagram feed.


Miniature Pencil Carvings by Salavat Fidai Skull-munk Miniature Pencil Carvings by Salavat Fidai Small-Batman-Pencil-Sculpture Snake Pencil-Yoda Piece-sculpture Miniature Pencil Carvings by Salavat Fidai Miniature-Sculpture Miniature-Sculture Pencil-Mini-Sculpture Pencil-Sculpture Locks Mad-max Man-carrying-box-sculpture Mini-Skull-Sculpture Hand Lizard-pencil Lizard Lock-and-key-pencil Gun-Pencil Halk-Pencil Hand-Skull Batman Darth-Vadar-Sculpture Fist-mini-Pencil-sculpture Graphite 8286812_orig Bald-Man
So much skill and concentration are required to produce such miniature pencil carvings. One small mistake and hours of work would have been lost. Are you impressed by Salavat’s masterpieces? Share this post using the buttons below. [via salavatfidai]

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Written by Adrian Martinez

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