Living clay sculptures? Wow, I can’t believe these actually exist.

These incredible living clay sculptures are the creative works of Johnson Cheung-shing Tsang. This Hong Kong native sculptor specializes in ceramics, stainless steel and public works of art. Tsang is the 2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale Grand Prize winner. Besides creating these fabulous living clay sculptures and having an adept understanding of ceramics and anatomy, he also has attained an international reputation by winning competitions in Italy, Korea, and Spain.

What are these Living Clay Sculptures About?

Tsang’s living clay sculptures are quite surreal in which he integrates human beings and objects in interesting situations. He blends traditional face sculpting and an expressive splashing motif to create sculptures that seem to be frozen in time. His sculptures are enfaced with emotions like dreaminess, love, confusion and sadness. Tsang explains that the pieces “are satires of the human condition”. [Source]

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Living Clay Sculptures Created From Ceramic Bowls and Cups
A Kiss Worth the Splash
Face Splash
Living Clay Sculptures Created From Ceramic Bowls and Cups
Baby Splash
Surfing On A Splash
Kisses Blending In A Splash
A Kiss With Your Morning Coffee
Folded Up
Hold Your Breath
Swimming Through An Oily Spill
Swimming Through An Oily Spill Close Up


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