Cat Body Armour Based on Different Historical Eras by Jeff de Boer

After so many cat pictures and videos on the internet I finally found something worth posting. What if we lived in a world that your pet might need some body armour to protect them from the dangers that may lay around the corner?  Jeff de Boer has created a wide variety of armour suits to protect your pet cat and even a few mouse body armour suits for it’s prey.

Jeff de Boer is a Canadian artist and he started a sculpting project over 30 years ago. He creates impressive metal armour suits for cats and mice based on different historical eras. He has everything covered from Ancient Rome gladiator armor, to Renaissance knight armor suits. Jeff sculpts with a variety of metals but mostly bronce and copper. Just to give you an idea of his dedication, one tiny mouse armour suit takes from 10 to 40 hours to make, and a cat armor takes from 50 to 200 hours. Jeff has published a book that features some of his favourite pieces from the past 30 years.

Dragon Cat

 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-70 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-69 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-68

Bat Cat

cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-12 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-11 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-10

Samurai Siamese


Crusader army

cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-33 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-32

Tournament Cat


15th Century Maximilian Rat




Tournament Cat

cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-37  cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-22-1 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-21

Tournament Mice

cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-31-1 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-30-1

Persian Cat


Gladiator Cat Helmet


White Knight Cat


Elven Princess

cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-28 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-27 cats-and-mice-armour-jeff-deboer-26

Edo Period Samurai General


Persian Cat and Crusader Mouse

You never know when your cat may need a bit of extra protection. The only thing missing from this series is a cat or mouse model, but regardless you can’t help it be impressed by Jeff’s life long project and his dedication to detail. Share this article with those cat fanatics in your life using the buttons below. [via boredpanda]

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