Incredible Cardboard Sculptures That You Won’t Believe

These incredible cardboard sculptures are the creations of 20 year old Taiwanese student, Kai-Xiang Xhong. This cardboard master has been slicing up cardboard for some time now. In his spare time he has created some of the most amazing works of art you’ll ever see. They’re incredibly life-like, and you could never imagine how they were created. Patience sure is a virtue and Xhong has a bunch of it.

Cardboard Sculptures Brought to life

You can find a variety of cardboard sculptures in his studio, from a miniature Optimus Prime to a glowing Godzilla to huge T-rex skulls. Xhong always prefers to maintain the original texture and color of cardboard, he builds his sculptures as realistically as possible in every other aspect. It’s just incredible how he patiently cuts and assembling each small component with care and precision.

Check out Xhong’s awesome Facebook page where you can see even more of your old pizza boxes come to life[Source]

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Incredible Cardboard Sculptures
Xhong has created a full scale replica of Iron Man created entirely out of cardboard.
It comes with fully functional lights.
Extremely detailed throughout.
Incredible Cardboard Sculptures
Iron Man’s helmet couldn’t look more perfect. He even captured Iron man’s cold look.
Note the layering of cardboard and how he contours the cardboard.
Xhong poses with his fabulous creation… or should I call him Dr. Frankenstein?
A T-rex worthy of any Jurassic Park movie.
Incredible Cardboard Sculptures
This cardboard lion is my personal favourite.
I still can’t understand how he’s created so much movement with such a rigid medium.
I can only imagine how long it took him to make and assemble all those scales.
Perfect likeness but I wish it could actually transform.
This cardboard Godzilla has so much energy in it, that it looks like he’s going to explode.

He’s fully loaded with internal LED lights for that extra special touch.

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