Awesome Pumpkin Carvings by Villafane Studios

One of my favourite things about Halloween is checking out the awesome pumpkin carvings scattered throughout the streets. This collection of pumpkins are clearly the best of the best. Brought to you by Villafane Studios, you can see a variety of goulish creatures that will put a scare into some unsuspecting trick or treaters.

Starting a Pumpkin Carving Company

In 2004 Ray Villafane founded Villafane Studios. The company represented a collection of artists. Ray and his hand-chosen team of elite artists demonstrate their talents worldwide. The vision of Villafane Studios is to inspire creativity and imagination in people young and old through the medium of temporary art. Their chosen medium are gourds but that doesn’t stop them from creating some wicked cool sand sculptures and even toys.

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Amazing Zombie Pumpkin Carvings

Ray Villafane created some incredible zombie pumpkin carvings for The New York Botanical Garden. He carved two zombies out of two giant pumpkins. one of which was the world’s heaviest pumpkin. He used the “pale flesh Brant and Eleanor Bordsen’s 1,693 pound pumpkin for the zombies” and the world record-holding 1818.5 pound pumpkin from Kelsey and Jim Bryson that formed the base of this sculpture.
Awesome-Pumpkin-Carvings-18 Awesome Pumpkin Carvings Awesome Pumpkin Carvings Awesome-Pumpkin-Carvings-15 Awesome-Pumpkin-Carvings-17 Awesome-Pumpkin-Carvings-13 Awesome-Pumpkin-Carvings-20 Awesome-Pumpkin-Carvings-19 Awesome-Pumpkin-Carvings-14

Creating These Halloween Masterpieces

With a skilled and steady hand, Ray Villafane and his team hand craft these awesome pumpkins into works of art. I love the emotions they capture and the personality that shines through every piece.

Awesome-Pumpkin-Carvings-11 Awesome Pumpkin Carvings furniture-and-accessories-cool-pumpkin-sculptures-with-the-artist-ray-villafane-real-artworks-at-pumpkin-carving-expo-in-the-grand-canal-shoppes-in-las-vegas-awesome-jaw-dropping-pumpkin-carvings Awesome Pumpkin Carvings maxresdefault raySculpture-sur-citrouille-Halloween

Awesome Pumpkin Carvings Extreme Close up

Time, a steady hand and an abundance of creativity is all the requirements needed to produce these pumpkins. The level of detail pushes the boundaries between a regular Halloween pumpkin and a true masterpiece.

1384117_573778396017116_1382019527_n Awesome Pumpkin Carvings villafane-pumpkins-2-IIHIH.Pumpkin-Carving-Art-By-Ray-Villafane08

Tools that Create these Awesome Pumkin Carvings

There’s no hi tech equipment used to create these Halloween pumpkins. Their set includes five tools, two are double ended. The large loop is great for peeling rind and shaping. The smaller loops are great for fine detail and everything else.


Awesome Pumpkin Carvings
These halloween pumpkins stem from freaky to funny. Share the Halloween spirit and impress all your friends using the social buttons below.

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