21 Iron Man Inspired Images That Will Make You an Even Bigger Fan

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is a Marvel comic book superhero that recently within the past few years has risen to the top with his series of movies. The Marvel character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby.

Have you ever Googled Iron Man? It’s incredible the amount of artists out there that have taken inspiration from Iron Man to create either a unique product, an interesting concept or merely a comical rendition of the loved super hero. These 21 Iron Man Inspired Images will give you a different perspective on the fictional Marvel character.

Iron Man inspired images and objects seem to be a popular theme to cover considering the endless creative work available on the net. In this post you can see Iron man renditions of a stained glass window, iPhone case, zombie, desk lamp and motorcycle just to name a few.

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iron-man-sharkShark Via BossLogic Inc

iron_man_ironIron Via Geekologie

iron_man_stained_glass_windowIron man Stained Glass Window Via Etsy

iron-manJunk Iron man

iphone_iron_manIron Man iPhone Case Via Society6


iron_man_welders_maskIron Man Welders Mask via Lincoln Electric

2467bd5309263b232d5d3a74b9b34dadIron Man X Box via Gizmodo

iron_manIron Man Pop Cans via Next Movie

iron_man_lamp1Iron Man Desk Lamp by Sérgio Oliveira

IRON-MAN-FLASK+BOXIron Man Cologne Gizmodo

ironman-nike-01Iron Man Shoes via Tumblr

kapook_world-15668Iron Man Scooter Via 9GAG

ironman3Iron Man Motorcycle via Buzzpatrol

iron_man_lampIron Man Lamp via Gizmodo

iron_man_motorcycle_helmetIron Man Motorcycle Helmut via Tumblr

iron)man_cardboardCardboard Iron Man Suit via BoingBoing

steampunk-ironmanSteampunk Iron Man via Screencrush

Iron-Mans-Own-R2-D2Iron Man R2-D2 via Gizmodo

Apple-MacBook-and-Iron-Man-stickerIron Man Macbook Pro Decal via geeky-gadgets

Predator-Iron-ManIron Man Predator via Funny Junk

iron_batman_by_dragonfly929-d33y0lq-1Iron Man Batman via DeviantART

iron-man-monsterIron man Monster Concept via Biff Bam Crash
iron-man-lego-build-4Iron Man Lego Sculpture via Bit Rebels

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