Incredible Must See Iron Man Mashups

There is nothing better to see than how far people can take their creativity. Considering I’m such a fan of Iron Man, I always like to stay up to date with all the fan art circulating the web. I came across these incredible Iron Man mashups that I had to share them. In this set you can see mashups with Spider-Man, Batman, Subzero, Green Power Ranger, Gundam, Predator, Scorpion, Deathstroke, Gouki, and Black Widow.

Who Created these Iron Man Mashups?

BossLogic is a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. He started drawing at avery early age and for the past 4 years has made the leap transferring his skills onto a digital platform. Here are a few words about his iron man mashups and his creative process:

“I’m still learning new skills along the way and being taught many different styles. I have been trying to create my own and my thirst for knowledge is something that never goes away. No matter how much I take I will always love doing collaborations with other talented people to learn their take on design and learn off that foundation, to create a major outcome and to be remembered for what I have done. So I have come into this designer’s battle field armed with my sketch book in one hand and my camera in the other, fighting to survive this colourful war.” BossLogic has a few more you can checkout in his amazing portfolio. [Source]

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Incredible Must See Iron Man Mashups
Ill take that suit – Iron-Magnus
Incredible Must See Iron Man Mashups
Iron Bat
Iron Man X Gundam
Iron Predator
Iron Ranger
Iron Spider
Iron Widow
Iron Death
Iron Gouki
Iron Scorpion
Iron Sub-Zero
Iron Superman
Iron Vader
Iron Wolverine

Dead Vader

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Written by Adrian Martinez

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