32 Awesome Disney Character Halloween Mashups

The best part of Halloween is the fact that you can dress up as whatever fictional character you like. But what if you already are a fictional character? Disney Characters have gotten into the Halloween mood and chosen fun costumes to celebrate in.

Disney Character Halloween Costumes

All of the characters from the Disney animated films decided to get dressed for Halloween thanks to character artist Isaiah Stephens. She created this “Disney Characters and Their Halloween Costumes” series, which puts the princes, princesses and all of the other characters from Disney in cool pop culture costumes. Some of these mashups feature favourites, such as: Belle as Hermione, Jasmine as Chun-li, Ariel as Black Widow and lots more! You can see more amazing work at Isaiah Stephens Gallery.

Disney Character Halloween 02 - Mulan as Xena Disney Character Halloween 04 - Flynn Ryder and Maximus as Marty McFly and Doc Brown Disney Character Halloween 06 - Pocahontas as Katniss Everdeen 07 - Megara as Catwoman 08 - Aladdin and Abu as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu Pikabu 09 - Milo as The Doctor 10 - Giselle as Daphne Blake 11 - Merida as Rogue 12 - Sally as Raven 13 - Ariel as Black Widow 14 - Esmeralda as Michonne 15 - Prince Philip as Indiana Jones 16 - Cinderella as Annabeth Chase 17 - Beast as The Hulk 18 - Tiana as Avatar Korra 19 - Kida as Storm 20 - Prince Naveen as Jack Sparrow 21 - Wendy Darling as Princess Leia 22 - John Smith as Johnny Bravo 23 - Alice Liddel as Buffy Summers 25 - Snow White as Wonder Woman 26 - Li Shang  as Mako 27 - Belle as Hermione Granger 28 - Tinkerbell as Beatrix Kiddo 29 - Peter Pan as himself or Link Whatever 30 - Jane as Lara Croft 31 - Quasimodo as Austin Powers 32 - Rapunzel as Sailor Moon24 - Prince Charming Cinderella Prince Eric The Little Mermaid and Prince Florian Snow White as Sam Castiel and Dean from SHalloween can be a fun creative time for all, even if you’re a Disney character. Do you know someone who may enjoy these Disney Character Halloween mashups? Share this post with them using the buttons below.

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