The 7 Deadly Cat Sins By Marija Tiurina

These fantastic illustrations are the creations of Marija Tiurina, an illustrator from the United Kingdom. Tiurina has envisioned the 7 deadly cat sins that every cat owner knows so well. She has a dark grungy style that almost resembles Michael John Kricfalusi’s The Ren & Stimpy Show.

So this is how the story of these 7 deadly cat sins go… “Hidden for nearly 950 years, a withered parchment, yellowed with age, was pulled up from the dank catacombs beneath the Vatican in Rome. Now, as its contents are unveiled, the world will come to know the truth . . . that there are EIGHT Deadly Sins! (And apparently the Pope of that age was fond of cats)”  [via neonmob]

 “The Bible doth spell seven sins of death, but as a feline in this mortal realm, there is one more to know before you rest, read on, to pilot your soul with its helm.“

The 7 Deadly Cat Sins By Marija Tiurina

“Wait—listen . . . can you hear the roiling crowd? Camera cell phones, with clicking so loud, and flashing dilemmas, bright avarice, give your soul to them, the good famous kiss.”

The 7 Deadly Cat Sins By Marija Tiurina

“Eating away, choking on sweaty skin, desperate longing, longing to meet the sin, and be carried away, swallowed by hell, the storm of the sex shall never be quelled.”


“If you fill your flesh with food, then really, you’re starving your soul, it is quite silly to believe you’ll ever fill up that hole — The one in your heart — with fish or bread rolls!”

The 7 Deadly Cat Sins By Marija Tiurina

“A couch’s sharp teeth are sharpened by you, for laziness is the whetstone of doom, it hones it, completes it, makes it alright, to do nothing but nothing day and night.”


“When pain is upon you (yes it will be), respond not with anger, but love, you’ll see, refraining from violence, backtracking wrath, leads you to heaven, and no turning back.”

The 7 Deadly Cat Sins By Marija Tiurina

“Envy is cousin to pestilent greed, look up at the tree and forget the seed, which brought you your fortune, wasn’t enough, to save your sad soul, it left your heart cuffed.”


“To have is to smile, to want, is to not, stay happy: be grateful for what you’ve got, though your brother or sister might have more, “Want” turns to “wanted,” desire’s a bore.”


“The Devil himself, Lucifer did fall, when he dove into the mirror on his wall, humility may not come with a prize, though Pride, in all forms, comes with a price.”

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