1,250 Paintings Compose an Incredible Dance Music Video

The Norwegian new wave rock band A-ha were given six “Moon men” at the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards for their “Take On Me” video, an excellent song with a fantastic music video. This year, the Berlin-based filmmaker Boris Seewald took a similar approach for his animated music video for German electronic music producer, Ralf Hildenbeutel.

Amazing watercolour paintings compose “Disco,”. Seewald depicts it, as a “handmade” music video produced from about 1,250 paintings on tape. Hand painted pictures and of dancers are energized into a perfectly choreographed time table. The video flashes as new images and modifications are made to the developing shifting pictures.

1,250 Paintings Compose a Stunning Dance Music Video 2

These artists have worked together in the past. Last year Seewald directed the video for Hildenbeutel’s song, “Sparks,” which displayed a combination of ballet, animation, and electronic music.

1,250 Paintings Compose a Stunning Dance Music Video

Ralf Hildenbeutel – Disco from Boris Seewald on VimeoIf you like Seewald’s work, check out his website.

1,250 Paintings Compose a Stunning Dance Music Video

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