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Infographic: How Steve Jobs Started His Multi-Billion Dollar Company

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If you’ve ever wondered how Steve Jobs started his multi-billion dollar company, this infographic has all the answers. The story starts right at the beginning at his birth and takes us through his pinnacle life events. You can see the relationship he had with his biological parents as well as his foster parents, his adventures in India after he drops out …

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How to Supercharge Your Creativity When You Really Need it [Infographic]

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Do you ever have moments of creative block? We’ve all been there, those times where creativity is in short supply. You can sit there and wait and hopefully something comes to you but chances are you need to take proactive measures to ignite some ideas. This is a fantastic infographic that will supercharge your creativity. It showcases inspirational exercises as well as …

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I Didn’t Expect These Tiny Ice Sculptures When I Asked For “On The Rocks”


Whenever you ask for a drink “on the rocks”, you usually don’t expect tiny ice sculptures floating in your glass. TBWA\Hakuhodo used what’s called a CNC router (and a process that’s kind of inverse 3-D printing) to carve tiny ice sculptures for Japan’s Suntory Whisky. In this series, you can find the Statue of Liberty to the Sphinx to Super Mario and everything in …

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Unbeleivable Superhero Portraits That Are Made Out of Smoke

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Octavian Mielu is a 26 years old Romanian graphic designer. We previously looked at some of his work when he created smoke portraits of celebrities. He has now come up with a new series of smoke superhero portraits that blend a really cool technique with an incredible portrayal of their likeness. Octavian features a variety of different superheroes, like the Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman and Iron Man, …

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How Many Ways Can You Incorporate an Everyday Object Into a Drawing?

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Victor Nunes is a 63 year old retired art director from São Paulo, Brazil.  He started his Facebook page on January 12 2015 and he’s already amassed nearly 34k+ likes. In his clever sketches he incorporates everyday objects into drawings. Leaves turn into faces, lettuce into hair and dresses, scissors into animals and fortune cookies into hats.      Victor Nunes has a great imagination and all of his drawings …

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Statues That Never Saw it Coming: 35 Hilarious Impromptu Statue Poses

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Statues are meant to freeze a point in time that signify something special or great. Alternatively you can always completely change the meaning of the statue by incorporating yourself within the scene. These 35 people have cleverly taken it upon themselves to completely change the purpose of these statues for a laugh. They have all hilariously succeeded. How great were these …