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Amazing Makeup Magic That You Have to See

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There are so many interesting ways to apply makeup. Complex shades and colours that will enhance the looks and beauty of a person. I came across these amazing makeup illustrations that bridge the gap between makeup and art. Laura Jenkinson is a UK based makeup artist that takes makeup application to the next level. She uses a variety of parts from her body to create her amazing makeup …

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Witty and Warm Satirical Paintings by Richard Ahnert

In ANIMALS, PAINTINGS by Adrian Martinez1 Comment

I came across the paintings of Toronto artist, Richard Ahnert and I was blown away. His work is witty and warm, satirical and accessible. His paintings, primarily of animals in a human context, are bursting with narrative. All his pieces are quite surreal but for some strange reason extremely relatable. Richard has exhibited his paintings in shows and galleries in Toronto and New …

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Brothers Grimm Inspired Fairytale Landscapes By Kilian Schönberger

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Kilian Schönberger is a German photographer with a great ability to capture magical environments. He’s created a series of misty fairytale landscapes with an atmosphere pulled right out of the Brothers Grimm. All of these photographs were captured in Middle Europe, where the original stories of Rapunzel, Hansel, Gretel and Snow White were first concieved. These fairytale landscapes capture the essence of some of our favourite stories. I never knew …

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Taylor Mazer Creates The Most Unbelievable Tiny Drawings

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I came across these tiny drawings and I was completely blown away. Taylor Mazer is a Michigan-based artist with a very unique skill set. He crafts extremely tiny drawings that are no larger than the average pencil. Taylor Mazer creates these tiny drawings by using a fine-tipped Micron pen, straight-edge, and a mechanical pencil. Most of his tiny masterpieces feature abandoned structures, alleys and desolate buildings. His subject of choice …

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31 Brilliant and Creative T-Shirt Designs That You Won’t Forget

In GEEK, GRAPHIC DESIGN by Adrian Martinez3 Comments

T-shirts are part of our daily lives, they have become the staple in everyones closet. There are an endless amount of creative designs that you can slap on a t-shirt.  Some are very complex and others can be really simple but all are able to deliver a strong message. These 31 creative t-shirt designs are sure to give you a chuckle or even make …

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Creative Macbook Decals That Help Freelancers Advertise their Skills

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It’s common for designers, writers and marketers to work remotely from a variety of places. In this day in age all you really need is a wifi connection. What better place to get creative than your local wifi ready coffee shop where there is a consistent flow of traffic. This series of creative Macbook decals helps get the word out …

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Good vs Bad Clients: The Internet Marketer’s Guide to Identifying The Difference [Infographic]

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What’s the difference between good vs bad clients? Anyone who works in the world of SEO and internet marketing knows that every client is very different. Chances are you’ve encountered a client that was just a mess to deal with. Someone that is over controlling and loves to micro-manage. Has a lack of respect for anyone that’s not themselves. Has horrible time …

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Mr. Milk: Branding Project by Justin Ross Tolentino

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Mr. Milk is a branding project created by San Francisco based graphic designer, Justin Ross Tolentino. He has a knack for making logos, websites and… doodles. Mr. Milk was created as a school branding project that has got him quite the notoriety. As you can see, the design is clean and very relevant to the theme. What got me was the presentation. Justin has …