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Creative Macbook Decals That Help Freelancers Advertise their Skills

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It’s common for designers, writers and marketers to work remotely from a variety of places. In this day in age all you really need is a wifi connection. What better place to get creative than your local wifi ready coffee shop where there is a consistent flow of traffic. This series of creative Macbook decals helps get the word out …

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Good vs Bad Clients: The Internet Marketer’s Guide to Identifying The Difference [Infographic]

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What’s the difference between good vs bad clients? Anyone who works in the world of SEO and internet marketing knows that every client is very different. Chances are you’ve encountered a client that was just a mess to deal with. Someone that is over controlling and loves to micro-manage. Has a lack of respect for anyone that’s not themselves. Has horrible time …

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Mr. Milk: Branding Project by Justin Ross Tolentino

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Mr. Milk is a branding project created by San Francisco based graphic designer, Justin Ross Tolentino. He has a knack for making logos, websites and… doodles. Mr. Milk was created as a school branding project that has got him quite the notoriety. As you can see, the design is clean and very relevant to the theme. What got me was the presentation. Justin has …

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Metal Business Cards That Will Get You Noticed

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A staple in everyones personal and company marketing kit is a business card. Having a unique business card means that the likeliness of someone actually keeping it are pretty high. This marketing piece will speak for the company or product you belong to. The thought and effort you put into your business card may have the recipient view you as an amateur, or a …

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A very Unique YouTube Redesign Concept by Roland Hidvegi

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Youtube is one of the most widely used video streaming services on the net. Every now and then they update the site and new features are introduced to create a better user experience, to unify all the Google products and to make it a more efficient advertising engine. Have you ever wondered what YouTube would look like with a more drastic update? Roland …

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Amazing Steampunk Game Boy by Elise Siegwald

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Steampunk is a fun sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery. Inspired by industrialised Western civilization, steampunk is set in an alternate history of the 19th century’s British Victorian era or American “Wild West” in which steam power runs the world. Everything from clothing, gadgets and large scale machinery have a very distinct look that that can’t be mistaken. Elise Siegwald is a set and accessories designer from Strasbourg, France. She creates very cool and …

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Playing With Fire: Breathtaking Images of Our Favourite Element

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Playing with fire is something you learn not to do at a very early age. This is fact for most, but some become fascinated and obsessed with the activity. I’ll admit, when you’re at a camp fire and relaxing with friends and family the flames sure are mesmerizing and you tend to lose yourself within the fire. I guess our obsession with fire …

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What if Luxury Brands Sold Everyday Groceries: 16 Surreal Examples of Cross-branding

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I love seeing interesting spins on regular everyday stuff. I came across the work of Peddy Mergui and had a total new outlook on cross-branding. He took regular everyday grocery items and gave them a face lift with the help of the worlds top brands. Here’s a few words on the creative vision: By infusing the packaging of our most basic commodities …