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Illustrator vs Photoshop: What’s The Difference?

In GRAPHIC DESIGN by Adrian Martinez1 Comment

One of the biggest questions that I’ve always gotten from clients has been, what is the difference between Illustrator and Photoshop? What can one application do that the other can’t. M.A. Kather is an India based UX and UI designer and he’s created an informative series that explains the main differences between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If you want to see  of M.A. Kather’s work, …

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Life is too short for the wrong job

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This is for those of you currently loing for work, or those that will be in the near future. These creative German jobhunting advertisments will really put your job into perspective. wanted to show that “life’s too short for the wrong job”. With the impactful visuals and creative messaging, they have obviously succeeded. You can find these ads plastered on automated machines like ATMs, …

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Can You Guess What Superheroes the Letters Represent?

In GEEK, TYPOGRAPHY by Adrian Martinez1 Comment

This is the perfect mashup of typographical expertise and geek culture. This series titled “Superbet” is the creation of Simon Koayis, an illustrator, art director and designer. Simon associated each letter of the alphabet with a superhero. The amount of detail and thought that went into each one of these is absolutely awesome! Now just for fun I propose a challenge. Can you …

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What’s Inside Your Favorite Childhood Toys?

In GEEK, SCULPTURES by Adrian Martinez1 Comment

Jason Freeny is a sculptor based out of Maryland, USA. He lost his job as an industrial designer and didn’t know what do do next. His father was a sculptor, so he decided to follow in his footsteps and started sculpting himself. He to popular toys sliced them in half and started visualizing what their insides might lo like. With the help of pumpkin carving tools and epoxy, …

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Miniature Pencil Carvings by Salavat Fidai

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Salavat Fidai has gained huge recognition for his amazing miniature sculptures that he meticulously carves into the tips of pencils. To create each one of his miniature masterpieces, Salavat uses a desk lamp, a craft knife and magnifying glass. Once his miniature pencil carvings are completed, he photographs them with a macro lens and then posts them on his Instagram feed.   So much skill and concentration are required to …

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Bored at Work? This Guy Creates Miniature Sets at His Creative Agency

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Have you ever been bored at Work? Of course we all have, but Derrick Lin has taken it upon himself to eradicate the boredom that he encounters at his creative agency. This excellent series transforms the moments Derrick is bored into amazing and funny miniature scenes, using small characters that play with office equipment. Boredom never loed so fun. Follow Derrick on his Instagram account to …