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Beluga Whale Blowing Bubble Rings Under Water

In ANIMALS by Sam Parker1 Comment

Ever wonder what it actually looks like when a Beluga Whale blows bubble rings? It’s a common little thing that they do and it couldn’t be more amazing! This Beluga Whale was caught in the act. He lives in Japan and is one of three living in Shimane Aquarium. Their playfulness makes them popular with visitors and they are among the biggest attractions. …

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Amazing Smoke Portraits by Octavian Mielu

In ART by adrian1 Comment

Octavian Mielu is a 26 years old Romanian graphic designer. He has come up with an incredible series of celebrity portraits that deserve some recognition. What makes these unique is they are created completely out of smoke. The uncanny resemblance created by these smoke portraits are unbelievable. If you’re looking for something creative to hang on your wall, this is something that will …

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Pop Culture Superheroes Meet Classical Paintings

In GEEK, PEOPLE by adrian1 Comment

Sacha Goldberger is a French photographer with a knack for quirky photos. Her latest series showcases some of our favorite pop culture superheroes and villains – but here’s the twist, they are all re-imagined as 16th-century Flemish portrait models. The most incredible thing about this “Super Flamands” photo series is the fact that it isn’t Photoshopped. Incredible, I know. These are the best authentic …

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How Mark Zuckerberg Started [Infographic]


The Social Network movie gave us a pretty good idea on how founder, Mark Zuckerberg started his multi-billion dollar company. This infographic has been circulating quite a bit lately, created by our friends over at funders and founders. It gives you an accurate timeline on how the whole company came to be and specifically what led to it’s creation. This infographic gives …

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Beautiful Quotes Paired With Watercolor Paintings

In PAINTINGS, TYPOGRAPHY by Emily Watson1 Comment

These beautiful quotes have become even more impactful because they’ve been paired with amazing watercolor paintings. June Digan is a Manila-based graphic designer and artist. Digan picked up the creative activity of watercolor painting as a form of “daily therapeutic activity after work”. The Creative process of these Beautiful Quotes Digan first chooses an inspirational quote or statement that connects with her. She then pairs it with an image that …

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I Can’t Believe What This Zombie Sketch Ended up Turning Into

In COSPLAY by adrian1 Comment

Morphsuits are the coolest and latest costumes. They are basically branded spandex costumes that stretch over your entire body. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and offers over 80 amazing designs. The company was founded by brothers Ali and Fraser Smeaton, and their flatmate Gregor Lawson. Morphsuits by Kyle Langlois Even though Halloween has come and gone I couldn’t help it share these …

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The Toronto Zombie Walk is Sure to Give You Some Chills

In COSPLAY by adrian2 Comments

The Zombie Walk started in 2003 on a gloomy day in Toronto, Canada. The walk was organized by a handful of the living dead who dressed up in zombie costumes. The Zombie Walk returned the next year and eventually became a tradition. The zombie count grew year after year. This tradition didn’t only hit Toronto, it hit New York, Vancouver, Ottawa, Melbourne and numerous other cities around the …